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Found 329 results for log2(CutG2M/CutG1) <= -1 and fdr <= 0.05. Showing entries 1-20.

Graph Cluster Transcripts Mean logCPM Classification Smed/Human type Human gene Annotation
1. MligTC454_55635 Mlig017017.g17 9.2 Mlig017017.g17 {REF} {Length: 3538} {RNA1509_570}
2. MligTC454_66560 Mlig002479.g1 8.05 Xins; Sexual_biased PPP1R37 Mlig002479.g1 {REF} {Length: 1624} {Pfam: Leucine Rich repeat [PF13516.6, score=53.7]; Leucine Rich repeats (2 copies) [PF12799.7, score=27.1]} {Human: ENSG00000104866, PPP1R37, protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 37, [RH, Score=420, Expect=6e-137]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000051403, Ppp1r37, protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 37, [RH, Score=422, Expect=1e-137]} {Dmel: FBgn0051635, CG31635, [RH, Score=165, Expect=7e-42]} {Celegans: WBGene00009201, F28C1.3, Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 37 homolog, [RH, Score=317, Expect=1e-95]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_5089_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_5089_0_1, [RH, Score=447, Expect=3e-148]} {RNA1509_10341, RNA1509_11051, RNA1509_14185, RNA1509_14995, RNA1509_7451} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.75022.0]}
3. MligTC454_41867 Mlig112907.g1 8.04 Gamma neoblasts; Xins ACTG1 Mlig112907.g1 {REF} {Length: 1562} {Pfam: Actin [PF00022.19, score=418.8]} {Human: ENSG00000184009, ACTG1, actin gamma 1, [Score=622, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000075624, ACTB, actin beta, [Score=621, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000159251, ACTC1, actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1, [Score=604, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000107796, ACTA2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta, [Score=603, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000163017, ACTG2, actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric, [Score=603, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000169067, ACTBL2, actin, beta like 2, [Score=598, Expect=0.0]; ENSG00000143632, ACTA1, actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle, [Score=598, Expect=0.0]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000062825, Actg1, actin, gamma, cytoplasmic 1, [Score=622, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000029580, Actb, actin, beta, [Score=621, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000068614, Actc1, actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1, [Score=604, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000035783, Acta2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta, [Score=603, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000059430, Actg2, actin, gamma 2, smooth muscle, enteric, [Score=603, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000055194, Actbl2, actin, beta-like 2, [Score=600, Expect=0.0]; ENSMUSG00000031972, Acta1, actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle, [Score=598, Expect=0.0]} {Dmel: FBgn0000043, Act42A, Actin 42A, [Score=625, Expect=0.0]} {Celegans: WBGene00000067, act-5, ACTin, [Score=604, Expect=0.0]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, [Score=626, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_13476, RNA1509_17616, RNA1509_51084} {SMEDTYPE: Gamma neoblasts [dd_Smed_v6_3_0_1, actin, beta (ACTB)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
4. MligTC454_70538 Mlig010057.g4 7.76 TRIM27 Mlig010057.g4 {REF} {Length: 894} {Pfam: zinc finger of C3HC4-type, RING [PF15227.6, score=31.5]; Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger) [PF00097.25, score=29.4]; RING-type zinc-finger [PF13445.6, score=27.8]; Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger) [PF13923.6, score=25.1]; zinc-RING finger domain [PF14634.6, score=22.8]; Ring finger domain [PF13639.6, score=21.5]; Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger) [PF13920.6, score=18.9]} {Human: ENSG00000237462, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=46.2, Expect=5e-06]; ENSG00000233948, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=46.2, Expect=5e-06]; ENSG00000162722, TRIM58, tripartite motif containing 58, [Score=46.2, Expect=7e-06]; ENSG00000237071, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=45.8, Expect=7e-06]; ENSG00000215641, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=45.8, Expect=7e-06]; ENSG00000234495, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=45.8, Expect=7e-06]; ENSG00000204713, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=45.8, Expect=7e-06]; ENSG00000229006, TRIM27, tripartite motif containing 27, [Score=45.8, Expect=7e-06]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000021326, Trim27, tripartite motif-containing 27, [Score=47.0, Expect=2e-06]} {Dmel: FBgn0265356, tn, thin, [Score=47.0, Expect=2e-06]} {Celegans: WBGene00003597, nhl-1, RING finger protein nhl-1, [Score=44.7, Expect=1e-05]} {RNA1509_1068, RNA1509_13494, RNA1509_15438, RNA1509_288, RNA1509_8471}
5. MligTC454_55632 Mlig017017.g20 7.49 Mlig017017.g20 {REF} {Length: 1077} {RNA1509_570}
6. MligTC454_77726 Mlig016302.g5 7.47 Muscle; Xins; Sexual_biased; self-renewal; repression TAGLN3 Mlig016302.g5 {REF} {Length: 1507} {Pfam: Calponin homology (CH) domain [PF00307.31, score=81.7]; Calponin family repeat [PF00402.18, score=41.7]} {Human: ENSG00000144834, TAGLN3, transgelin 3, [Score=139, Expect=4e-41]; ENSG00000117519, CNN3, calponin 3, [Score=138, Expect=1e-39]; ENSG00000158710, TAGLN2, transgelin 2, [Score=137, Expect=2e-40]; ENSG00000064666, CNN2, calponin 2, [Score=134, Expect=2e-38]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000053931, Cnn3, calponin 3, acidic, [Score=138, Expect=1e-39]; ENSMUSG00000022658, Tagln3, transgelin 3, [Score=138, Expect=4e-41]; ENSMUSG00000004665, Cnn2, calponin 2, [Score=136, Expect=3e-39]; ENSMUSG00000026547, Tagln2, transgelin 2, [Score=136, Expect=2e-40]; ENSMUSG00000001349, Cnn1, calponin 1, [Score=132, Expect=2e-38]} {Dmel: FBgn0002789, Mp20, Muscle protein 20, [RH, Score=203, Expect=5e-67]} {Celegans: WBGene00000777, cpn-1, CPN-1; CalPoNin, [Score=129, Expect=4e-38]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1512_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1512_0_1, [RH, Score=290, Expect=2e-101]} {RNA1509_30618, RNA1509_3235, RNA1509_49099, RNA1509_555} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_1512_0_1, transgelin 3 (TAGLN3)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.590805.0]} {SMEDTYPE: self-renewal [16]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [10]}
7. MligTC454_69737 Mlig008319.g1 7.33 Xins CTSS Mlig008319.g1 {REF} {Length: 3978} {Pfam: Papain family cysteine protease [PF00112.23, score=294.1]; Cathepsin propeptide inhibitor domain (I29) [PF08246.12, score=46.0]; Peptidase C1-like family [PF03051.15, score=19.4]} {Human: ENSG00000163131, CTSS, cathepsin S, [RH, Score=323, Expect=5e-109]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000038642, Ctss, cathepsin S, [RH, Score=310, Expect=6e-104]} {Dmel: FBgn0013770, Cp1, Cysteine proteinase-1, [Score=364, Expect=3e-125]} {Celegans: WBGene00000776, cpl-1, CathePsin L family, [RH, Score=335, Expect=2e-114]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_267_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_267_0_1, [Score=382, Expect=1e-132]} {RNA1509_17461, RNA1509_2857, RNA1509_35872, RNA1509_52415} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
8. MligTC454_75883 Mlig021208.g2 7.12 Xins; Asexual_biased TNNI2 Mlig021208.g2 {REF} {Length: 2137} {Pfam: Troponin [PF00992.20, score=108.8]} {Human: ENSG00000130598, TNNI2, troponin I2, fast skeletal type, [RH, Score=53.9, Expect=4e-08]; ENSG00000159173, TNNI1, troponin I1, slow skeletal type, [RH, Score=51.6, Expect=2e-07]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000031097, Tnni2, troponin I, skeletal, fast 2, [RH, Score=47.8, Expect=3e-06]} {Dmel: FBgn0283471, wupA, wings up A, [RH, Score=106, Expect=5e-27]} {Celegans: WBGene00006586, tni-4, Troponin I 4, [RH, Score=107, Expect=8e-28]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_7974_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_7974_0_1, [RH, Score=181, Expect=8e-55]} {RNA1509_3188, RNA1509_59295, RNA1509_59541, RNA1509_59846} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.453293.0]}
9. MligTC454_55638 Mlig017017.g15 7.06 Mlig017017.g15 {REF} {Length: 1039} {RNA1509_570, RNA1509_7711}
10. MligTC454_49857 Mlig032370.g3 7.06 Mlig032370.g3 {REF} {Length: 610} {RNA1509_21417, RNA1509_23190, RNA1509_31800, RNA1509_3881, RNA1509_41776, RNA1509_43586}
11. MligTC454_55423 Mlig031755.g5 6.81 Gut; Xins; Sexual_biased CTSA Mlig031755.g5 {REF} {Length: 2749} {Pfam: Serine carboxypeptidase [PF00450.22, score=408.1]} {Human: ENSG00000064601, CTSA, cathepsin A, [RH, Score=420, Expect=9e-143]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000017760, Ctsa, cathepsin A, [RH, Score=428, Expect=6e-146]} {Dmel: FBgn0038738, CG4572, [Score=108, Expect=3e-25]} {Celegans: WBGene00019605, ctsa-1, Uncharacterized serine carboxypeptidase ctsa-1, [RH, Score=344, Expect=1e-113]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_785_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_785_0_1, [RH, Score=392, Expect=3e-132]} {RNA1509_366} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_785_0_1, cathepsin A (CTSA)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.626805.0]}
12. MligTC454_60247 Mlig033186.g11, Mlig033186.g9 6.76

Mlig033186.g11 {REF} {Length: 9875} {Pfam: CUB domain [PF00431.20, score=140.5]; Protein of unknown function (DUF2662) [PF12401.8, score=31.2]; Domain of unknown function (DUF3520) [PF12034.8, score=20.8]} {RNA1509_25548}

Mlig033186.g9 {REF} {Length: 9731} {Pfam: CUB domain [PF00431.20, score=139.4]; Protein of unknown function (DUF2662) [PF12401.8, score=29.6]; Domain of unknown function (DUF3520) [PF12034.8, score=20.9]} {RNA1509_37609, RNA1509_51147}
13. MligTC454_59807 Mlig003424.g3 6.7 Gut; Xins; Sexual_biased CTSF Mlig003424.g3 {REF} {Length: 2155} {Pfam: Papain family cysteine protease [PF00112.23, score=253.3]; Cathepsin propeptide inhibitor domain (I29) [PF08246.12, score=33.6]; Peptidase C1-like family [PF03051.15, score=25.5]; Cystatin domain [PF00031.21, score=21.6]} {Human: ENSG00000174080, CTSF, cathepsin F, [RH, Score=317, Expect=8e-103]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000083282, Ctsf, cathepsin F, [RH, Score=323, Expect=4e-106]} {Dmel: FBgn0260462, CG12163, [RH, Score=319, Expect=2e-102]} {Celegans: WBGene00007055, tag-196, [RH, Score=363, Expect=2e-121]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_456_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_456_0_1, [RH, Score=431, Expect=2e-148]} {RNA1509_385} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_456_0_1, cathepsin F (CTSF)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.638375.0]}
14. MligTC454_67035 Mlig019412.g3, Mlig019412.g5 6.65 Muscle; Xins; repression VIL1

Mlig019412.g3 {REF} {Length: 2621} {Pfam: Gelsolin repeat [PF00626.22, score=136.5]} {Human: ENSG00000127831, VIL1, villin 1, [Score=192, Expect=4e-57]; ENSG00000148180, GSN, gelsolin, [Score=191, Expect=4e-54]; ENSG00000135407, AVIL, advillin, [Score=189, Expect=4e-53]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000026879, Gsn, gelsolin, [Score=199, Expect=2e-58]; ENSMUSG00000026175, Vil1, villin 1, [Score=194, Expect=4e-55]; ENSMUSG00000025432, Avil, advillin, [Score=191, Expect=5e-54]; ENSMUSG00000002565, Scin, scinderin, [Score=190, Expect=1e-54]} {Dmel: FBgn0010225, Gel, Gelsolin, [Score=207, Expect=3e-60]} {Celegans: WBGene00010593, gsnl-1, Gelsolin-like protein 1, [Score=185, Expect=3e-54]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1132_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1132_0_1, [RH, Score=449, Expect=1e-158]} {RNA1509_1828} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_1132_0_1, villin 1 (VIL1)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [44]}

Mlig019412.g5 {REF} {Length: 1999} {Pfam: Gelsolin repeat [PF00626.22, score=140.9]} {Human: ENSG00000127831, VIL1, villin 1, [Score=195, Expect=6e-58]; ENSG00000148180, GSN, gelsolin, [Score=193, Expect=7e-55]; ENSG00000135407, AVIL, advillin, [Score=191, Expect=7e-54]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000026879, Gsn, gelsolin, [Score=201, Expect=3e-59]; ENSMUSG00000026175, Vil1, villin 1, [Score=196, Expect=7e-56]; ENSMUSG00000025432, Avil, advillin, [Score=192, Expect=1e-54]; ENSMUSG00000002565, Scin, scinderin, [Score=192, Expect=2e-55]} {Dmel: FBgn0010225, Gel, Gelsolin, [Score=209, Expect=6e-61]} {Celegans: WBGene00010593, gsnl-1, Gelsolin-like protein 1, [Score=187, Expect=7e-55]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1132_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1132_0_1, [RH, Score=450, Expect=4e-159]} {RNA1509_1828, RNA1509_40061, RNA1509_7125} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_1132_0_1, villin 1 (VIL1)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: repression [44]}
15. MligTC454_66282 Mlig001490.g5 6.56 Mlig001490.g5 {REF} {Length: 2189} {RNA1509_11575, RNA1509_47467, RNA1509_51886, RNA1509_59587}
16. MligTC454_77240 Mlig066675.g2 6.42 Muscle; Asexual_biased GYG1 Mlig066675.g2 {REF} {Length: 3769} {TRANSSPLICED} {Pfam: Glycosyl transferase family 8 [PF01501.20, score=86.8]; Nucleotide-diphospho-sugar transferase [PF03407.16, score=19.4]} {Human: ENSG00000163754, GYG1, glycogenin 1, [RH, Score=306, Expect=9e-99]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000019528, Gyg, glycogenin, [RH, Score=311, Expect=3e-100]} {Dmel: FBgn0265191, Glycogenin, [RH, Score=303, Expect=1e-93]} {Celegans: WBGene00006863, gyg-1, Glycogenin-1, [RH, Score=258, Expect=1e-79]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_647_1_1, dd_Smed_v6_647_1_1, [RH, Score=362, Expect=2e-121]} {RNA1509_511} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_647_1_1, glycogenin 1 (GYG1)]} {SMEDTYPE: Asexual_biased [CUFF.537964.0]}
17. MligTC454_44001 Mlig028109.g1 6.36 Gut Mlig028109.g1 {REF} {Length: 5156} {Pfam: Glycosyltransferase sugar-binding region containing DXD motif [PF04488.15, score=41.1]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_6819_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_6819_0_1, [Score=74.3, Expect=1e-14]} {RNA1509_37595, RNA1509_37822, RNA1509_45625, RNA1509_8377} {SMEDTYPE: Gut [dd_Smed_v6_6819_0_1, NA]}
18. MligTC454_63095 Mlig025846.g5 6.32 GNG5 Mlig025846.g5 {REF} {Length: 1395} {Pfam: GGL domain [PF00631.22, score=45.9]} {Human: ENSG00000174021, GNG5, G protein subunit gamma 5, [RH, Score=51.6, Expect=6e-10]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000068523, Gng5, guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), gamma 5, [RH, Score=51.6, Expect=4e-10]} {Dmel: FBgn0263029, CG43324, [Score=50.1, Expect=9e-10]} {Celegans: WBGene00001681, gpc-1, Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit gamma, [Score=50.4, Expect=4e-10]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1237_0_2, dd_Smed_v6_1237_0_2, [Score=101, Expect=3e-30]} {RNA1509_34977}
19. MligTC454_35072 Mlig063421.g1 6.32 Xins; Sexual_biased CALR Mlig063421.g1 {REF} {Length: 2583} {Pfam: Calreticulin family [PF00262.18, score=289.6]} {Human: ENSG00000179218, CALR, calreticulin, [RH, Score=498, Expect=5e-176]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000003814, Calr, calreticulin, [RH, Score=498, Expect=6e-176]} {Dmel: FBgn0005585, Calr, Calreticulin, [RH, Score=499, Expect=1e-176]} {Celegans: WBGene00000802, crt-1, Calreticulin, [RH, Score=468, Expect=7e-165]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_220_0_4, dd_Smed_v6_220_0_4, [RH, Score=558, Expect=0.0]} {RNA1509_19467, RNA1509_25527, RNA1509_27326, RNA1509_4211} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]} {SMEDTYPE: Sexual_biased [CUFF.88366.0]}
20. MligTC454_62558 Mlig013840.g13 6.3 Muscle; Xins CALM2 Mlig013840.g13 {REF} {Length: 1427} {Pfam: EF-hand domain pair [PF13499.6, score=67.8]; EF hand [PF00036.32, score=60.6]; EF-hand domain [PF13405.6, score=52.5]; EF-hand domain pair [PF13833.6, score=51.6]; EF-hand domain [PF14658.6, score=39.6]; EF hand [PF13202.6, score=38.8]} {Human: ENSG00000143933, CALM2, calmodulin 2, [Score=109, Expect=1e-29]; ENSG00000160014, CALM3, calmodulin 3, [Score=107, Expect=4e-29]; ENSG00000198668, CALM1, calmodulin 1, [Score=107, Expect=4e-29]} {Mouse: ENSMUSG00000001175, Calm1, calmodulin 1, [Score=108, Expect=3e-29]; ENSMUSG00000036438, Calm2, calmodulin 2, [Score=107, Expect=3e-29]; ENSMUSG00000019370, Calm3, calmodulin 3, [Score=107, Expect=3e-29]} {Dmel: FBgn0000253, Cam, Calmodulin, [Score=107, Expect=3e-29]} {Celegans: WBGene00000552, cmd-1, Calmodulin, [Score=105, Expect=6e-29]} {Smed: dd_Smed_v6_1627_0_1, dd_Smed_v6_1627_0_1, [RH, Score=173, Expect=2e-55]} {RNA1509_3031} {SMEDTYPE: Muscle [dd_Smed_v6_1627_0_1, calmodulin 1 (phosphorylase kinase, delta) (CALM1)]} {SMEDTYPE: Xins [raj_facs_types]}
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